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Long Live Storytelling

by Laura Van Eperen

Greetings from Rockville, Maryland! I'm just back from Atlanta where the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Public Health Information Coalition held its annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media. This year's theme was, 'What's Your Story?' It was great to see and meet the best in the U.S. health communication field!

As you?d expect, the big story in 2014 is the CDC being immersed in the Ebola crisis. Click the video below for a short and shaky video of  Dr. Bob Bazell speaking at a CDC Ebola briefing for attendees.

The takeaway from this conference for me was the fact that basic storytelling is still clutch to having an impact on the folks we're trying to reach. While there are many new, sexy avenues for reaching target audiences, including social media, digital/paid communications, etc., (which were a huge part of the workshops), capturing and telling a powerful story is the first, critical step to get an audience's attention. Without a good story, good luck! So while the packaging of stories continues to rapidly evolve, I say, "Long Live the Storyteller!"

Laura Van Eperen, CEO of Van Eperen & Company, a full-service communications and marketing agency. You can connect with her on Twitter @Lauraveandco, on LinkedIn You can also contact her at, or 301-836-1516.