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Social Media Has Fully Crossed Generational Divide

By Kurie Fitzgerald

Social media is no longer a Generation Y-only "sport." The latest social media trends show that older generations are keeping up with Millennials when it comes to social media use and engagement.

In a 2013 report, the Pew Internet Research Project noted that baby boomers are rapidly increasing their use of the Internet.

One of the organizations we're proud to support at Van Eperen & Company is the Maryland
Municipal League, a statewide organization representing Maryland's cities and towns. At the League?s annual conventions over the past three years, we've helped to promote social media use amongst members, including many who have leveraged retirement from other careers into their roles as elected officials or municipal leaders in their cities and towns. The fact that MML's members increased their use of social media in recent years falls in line with the trend. 

When we first began hosting social media training sessions for MML's members in 2012, many members didn?t really appreciate the value of or even know how to use social media. But over the past two years, we've seen more and more members take the dive and use social media to share updates and connect with their communities and constituents. During MML's Annual Convention last month, members flocked to social media, using the convention's hashtag, #MMLconvention and participating in the ?selfie? contest. Approximately 400 tweets were sent during the event.

We supported MML in 2012 as it embarked on a social media campaign of its own. MML, which originally set out on the venture primarily to teach its members how to use Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, now reaches more than 500 followers, including many key state lawmakers and leaders.

Interested in learning how you can transform your organization's social media and digital presence? We'd love to help you in developing a digital strategy that works well for you and your organization. Contact Steve Simon at if you?d like to set up a discussion with the VE & Co. team about social media or any of your strategic communication needs.

Kurie Fitzgerald is Account Executive at Van Eperen & Company.